Editor of Life

Editing—a fundamentally necessary process to get to the heart of the matter; to revise or expunge or correct When you watch a movie or read a book—or a post like this—it’s likely been edited. Without editing, there may be typos, grammar issues, inconsistencies, and the absence of a through-line (the common thread that ties it […]

Wellness and Choices, Part 1

We often think of wellness as getting annual physicals, exercising, eating right and getting a good night’s sleep. It encompasses a lot more than that, however! The integration of the different areas of wellness is what allows you to achieve your full potential. Eight Areas of Wellness 1. physical wellness—our bodies need for physical activity, healthy […]

The Big, Blue Vase and Other Stuff

I just finished teaching a series of home staging classes. Typically, people take this course because they’re planning to put their homes on the market to sell, and staging gives them an advantage. As always, I ask the students what they hope to get out of the classes. Usually, the answers range from “I need […]