Danger, Hamster Wheels and Development

Part I—Danger Through the course of evolution, our brains have moved away from cave-men/women mindsets of always being hyper-vigilant—thinking that there’s likely danger right around the corner waiting to destroy us. Some of us, however, never evolve past that—we’re still expecting the next “terrifying thing” to come barreling at us, so we’re unable to ever simply […]

Peace During The Holidays

Part of this post I wrote last year, but sitting here now it seems to me that seeking to create homes that are full of peace is more important than ever. It’s not that anything incredibly overwhelming happened to me personally during 2014, or that I experienced great loss like some people I care for have. I […]

I love you, but…

A few years ago, when my grandson Ethan was a lot younger, my friend Linda gave me a book called, “How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?”. It’s a story about dinosaurs (children) who do all sorts of kid-like things that make the parents frazzled, but then turn around and do something sweet that touches […]