The Beauty Bar

People who wear makeup have been to “beauty bars” of sorts. Sometimes those places are like swanky hotels complete with perfectly coiffed artists just waiting to paint you in the colors of their choice. Other times, the beauty bar is in a superstore, where you’re overwhelmed by aisles of items promising to make you look “better”. Or, you can go online where there’s an endless number of products that hold all kinds of magic.
We’re often led to believe that if we “look better” we’ll be better. Hmmmmm….

Why do we do it? We’re so used to seeing airbrushed photos that the lines between fantasy and reality are constantly blurred. Men too, but especially women, are bombarded by media that screams, “this is what beautiful, desirable, successful, sexy looks like”! Sadly, we’re at risk of an entire generation of girls thinking that if they don’t look like models or celebrities, they’re not “enough”.
Children are losing their childhoods fast enough and the obsession with physical beauty is making it worse.

I truly believe that if you feel better about yourself, you feel better about life! So, I’m not discounting the value of wearing whatever allows you to feel great and walk with confidence—whether that’s clothing or something from the beauty bar.
Equip yourself with whatever it takes to make the journey more enjoyable, but be aware of how much “armor” your need just to face the world.

But…when the makeup we wear takes over, we can lose who we really are because we’re always “undercover”. When we get too caught up in the “external us” we lose sight of the “real us”.
If we fake it in life to bolster our egos; we could end up feeling like imposters and become depressed, cynical and unfulfilled. 

Of course, we want our image to say, ”I’m confident and happy”. Of course, we want people to look at us and see “beautiful”. Beautiful, however, isn’t just an appearance thing. We forget that.
We too often forget to remember to visit the Internal—mind and spirit—Beauty Bar. 

In 2018, The United States, which is the largest market for beauty and personal care in the world, generated about 89.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Yep, that’s $89,500,000,000! ➀
And yet, people starve to death on our planet. 

The Earth’s human population is 7,742,541,311 as I’m writing this at 8:35 am on November 8, 2019. Close to half of our planet’s population lives on less than $5.50/day (one-fourth lives on less than $3.20/day). ➁ When did we lose sight of what really matters? How did we become more concerned about how we look than how others live?
How do we find balance in the extremes? 

What if we visit a different kind of “Beauty Bar”—the internal, God-blessed, mind and spirit one without all the fanfare, the one that’s waiting quietly for us, the one that really matters?
What if we
choose to see our true beauty?

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