stop! in the name of love
before you break my heart
think it over
(The Supremes, 1965)

Asking someone to “stop” before you’re heartbroken may not work, because another person is making that decision. But, “stopping” and “thinking it over” when you’re able to make choices is very different.

Many of us don’t physically slow down, let alone stop very often, do we? We’re in perpetual motion, like the proverbial hamster on a wheel, running round and round; never giving ourselves permission to stop. If you’re guilty of that (like me) what do you think will happen if you simply stop? Do you keep pushing forward because of overwhelming responsibilities? Are you running because “time doesn’t stand still” and you feel like you need to do more, say more, control more, or accomplish more?

We can also fall into the habit of “not hitting the brake” on how we process mentally. Sometimes, we simply react rather than stopping and thinking it over before deciding what to do or not do. Or, maybe we’re never able to stop the constant brain chatter (this is one of my biggest challenges).

So, what if we choose where to spend our energy and resources? What if we choose to simply stop, think it over, and change course? What if we love ourselves enough to say, “I will ….”

rushing through my life
being judgmental
feeling powerless

stop trying to
keep up with other people
avoid my problems
always be right

always putting everyone else before myself
dwelling on the negative

stop and allow myself to
slow down
grieve if necessary
sit quietly

stop avoiding my “problems” by
burying my pain in some addiction (labeled as a distraction)
making excuses
hiding out

stop and hear the
way I speak to others
sounds outside my home
whispered cries for help

stop being so
darned serious
paralyzed by what others think

stop and engage with
my higher power
other people
my inner voice

stop and see the
beauty of a flower
smile of a child
world right in front of me

not taking care of myself
obsessing about things I can’t control
being afraid to speak up

stop allowing others to
mistreat me
disrespect me
minimize my opinions

stop being afraid to

stop and
connect with my most important people
value experiences above things
begin to create a peace-full home

stop so that I can be
present in my space
aware of this moment
still.….just me.….alone

Stopping can be scary. But, one day this particular life will end, and, although our spirits will live on (I truly believe that), it’s likely we won’t get to control that particular stop on our “journey”. Right now, however, we have a little more flexibility. We can stop, in the name of love, for ourselves and those we care for and think it over.

This beautiful scene would have been missed if we weren't able to STOP long enough to capture it. ©2014 PEACE FULL HOME.COM

This beautiful scene would have been missed if I didn’t stop long enough to capture it!  ©2019 peace full home™









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