Joyful Presence

A week ago, I went to the doctor because I was a bit “under the weather”. Scheduling doctor’s appointments because I’m sick isn’t something I typically do- not because I don’t believe in the medical profession (I do), but simply because I honestly don’t like entertaining the possibility that I’m unwell. Like every year, the week of Christmas was a whirlwind of activity, and the sore throat that I had wasn’t helping.  I spent some time lying down so I didn’t get all my client work done before the week ended. There were presents to still be wrapped (not part of my typical reality since I like having things done ahead of time), groceries to be bought, fresh greens to be placed, Christmas CDs to be put in order (yep, just a bit “Type A”), place cards for dinner to be printed, and “finishing touches” to be made. Everything got done (and a lot of it by Larry), but I started the week just a bit frazzled.

The problem with being “frazzled” is that you’re not being present at all, let alone joyfully.

This was the first year that our grandchildren split the day- some time with their mother and us, the rest of the day with their father. That made the present of their presence even more special.
We had new faces around our table for Christmas dinner, and the fact that we added more places to that table (even without place cards) at the last-minute was an even greater blessing!  The joy with which the table was expanded and more love was shared made the present of their presence even more special.

On Christmas there was raucous laughter and thankful prayer.
There was the story of the small sleigh my Dad made the year I was born.
There was sharing of traditions from different families.
There were gifts- some silly, some incredibly creative, some that brought tears borne out of gratitude for how blessed we are to be together.
There were toasts to health and remembrances of those who have moved on to the spirit side.

This is family to me. Only a handful of us have a common biological link, but what we do share is what matters: respect, appreciation, patience, vulnerability, an open heart, a listening ear, laughter, LOVE, and a desire to be joyfully present.

A couple of years ago, I wrote the post “Joy”. I really do aspire to walk through life with “Joy & Grace”. I know I don’t always (and won’t always) succeed, but I’m glad that’s my true desire.

Tomorrow is my daughter, Sara’s, thirty-ninth birthday. As she begins her fortieth year of life, I will honor the present of her joyful presence. I will look back and recognize how fleeting time is. I will celebrate the amazing woman she is- the loving daughter and mother and sister and friend. I will still be amazed that four decades have passed but will treasure that we walk through life together. I will (of course) think, “how did this time fly by?” but, then remember, the permanently etched images of life, laughter and love.

As I close out this year of Peace Full Home, I want to say, “thank you”. Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for subscribing to it and “following” it. Thank you for sending it on to those you love. Thank you for your comments and ideas and joyful presence. I am indeed blessed.

©2015 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living

This is the dining room table where hours were spent, being joyfully present" on the evening of Christmas in 2015. ©2015

This is the dining room table where hours were spent, being “joyfully present” on the evening of Christmas. ©2015












p.s. from “The Checklist from Z to A”#41.  Don’t allow someone to make you believe you’re “not enough” (good enough, smart enough, handsome enough, witty enough, cool enough); it’s likely that person’s doing that to feel better about himself- walk away…quickly!


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