Beauty Bar

Women (and men) who wear makeup have been to “beauty bars” of sorts. Sometimes those places are like very swanky hotels complete with perfectly coiffed artists just waiting to paint you in the colors of their choice. Other times, the beauty bar is in a place like a department store or pharmacy, where you stand perplexed by the rows and rows of items promising to make you look just a little better. Now, it’s not unusual for that beauty bar to be online where there are an endless number of products that hold all kinds of magic.

We’re often led to believe that  if we “look better” we’ll BE better. Hmmmmm….

Why do we do it? A lot of the reason is that we’re (men too, but especially women) bombarded by media that screams at us, “THIS is what beautiful, desirable, successful, sexy looks like”! We’re so used to seeing airbrushed photos that the lines between fantasy and reality are constantly blurred. We’re raising up an entire generation of girls who think that if they don’t look like the stars and models in magazines, on TV and in movies that they’re not “enough”. Self-esteem issues in young girls are prevalent.  Children are losing their childhoods so fast and this obsession with physical beauty is making it worse. Sure, we’re getting better at embracing SOME diversity but we have a long, long way to go.

I definitely support the concept that if you feel better about yourself then you feel better about life. There’s a lot of value in putting on clothing you feel good in and doing whatever allows you too walk out the door (or stay in your own space) with your head held high. Equip yourself with whatever it takes to make the journey more enjoyable, but be aware of how much “armor” your need just to “face the world”.

The problem comes in when the makeup we wear takes over, and we lose WHO WE REALLY ARE because we’re always “undercover”.When we get so caught up in the “external us” we lose sight of the “real us”. We fake it in life to bolster our ego; then we feel like phonies and become more depressed and cynical and unfulfilled. It’s a downward spiral.

Of course, we WANT our image to say, ”I’m confident and happy”. Of course, we want people to look at us and see “beautiful”. Beautiful, however, isn’t just an appearance thing. We forget that. We too often fail to remember to visit the Internal (mind, body, spirit) Beauty Bar. 

Research numbers vary depending on the sources, but in The United States we spend between seven and eight BILLION dollars (yep, $8,000,000,000) per year on cosmetics (and that’s not including perfume)! In one statistics article I read, the United States comes in as the #1 consumer of beauty products but 23rd in life satisfaction! Japan is #2 in consumption of beauty products but 90th in life satisfaction. Wow!

Our planet’s population is 7,318,856, 703 as I’m writing this at 9:20 am on June 1, 2015.
Over three BILLION people (close to half the population) live on less than $2.50/day.
Eighty percent of people (almost 6 billion folks) live on $10.00/day.
The richest, 20% of the population have 75% of the world’s wealth.
The poorest, 40% of the population have 5% of the world’s wealth.

John Ortberg, a California Pastor, wrote “we live in a place more concerned with the conditions of our cars or our careers or our portfolios than the condition of our souls. Maybe because a dent in a soul is more concealable”. A dent in our soul IS more concealable. We can cover up a lot of what’s happening on the outside. No one, except us and God, “sees” our soul. No one, except us and God, hears it cry out in pain. No one, except us and God, knows what it needs.

What if, for this week, we choose to “see” the beauty IN us, without all the “bells and whistles”? What if, for this week, we think about the condition of our spirits?
What if, for this week, we visit a different kind of “Beauty Bar”- the one without all the fanfare, the one that’s waiting quietly for us, the one that feeds us, the one that really matters?

©2015 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living


5 thoughts on “Beauty Bar

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  2. Powerful message. Wow. You are like melted butter, you really know how to get into it , all those nooks and crannies in my brain, and shine a huge spotlight. My spirit is so grateful for your wisdom and insight. I love this journey we are on.


  3. I know Linda. I wanted to get more stats regarding the negativity on our girls, but the amount of stuff out there was too extensive for me to wrap my arms around. K


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