God, Lasagna and Peace

“God, Lasagna and Peace” was originally posted in 2013. Today, with the sun shining and a special place in my heart for both of my precious grandchildren, I’d like to share this one again. 

From 2013:
In our humanness, we often get caught up in the “things of this world.” That’s typical. (I use “typical” instead of “normal”  as much as possible because, how the heck can we dictate what “normal” is?)  Many of us have so many things. We work hard to acquire these things; we treasure them; we boast about them; we often think we still don’t have enough of them; we covet what others have. We’ve been conditioned to do this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having wonderful things, unless….we lose sight of everything else.

I work in the world of interior design, home staging, and organization. I love what I do. I believe in beauty with simplicity. But, in spite of my best intentions,  I still have SO much to learn about always being cognizant about what’s really important.   When you’re alone in the dark, just you and God (or whatever name you have for a Divine Power if you have one at all)  what do you think about?
Do you wish you had someone else’s life?
Do you wish you had someone else’s home?
It’s not hard to do that sometimes is it?
I think most of us have been there. But God has given us this life. We may not always choose how we’re treated by the rest of the world but we do get to choose how we treat others. Sadly, some of the most damaging stuff happens right inside people’s own homes. That’s exactly the opposite of a peace-full home.

These place cards were made with love, just like the lasagna. © 2013 PEACE FULL HOME.COM

These place cards were made with love, just like the lasagna. © 2013 PEACE FULL HOME.COM

I’m very fortunate that my grandchildren live nearby. Yesterday my eight-year-old granddaughter, Lauren, and I made dinner. We made a Bolognese sauce (the one my Mom used to make) for lasagna, a salad, and brownies. She added the spices to the pot with care. She meticulous layered the pasta and sauce and cheeses as she built the main dish. She took her time measuring the ingredients for the brownies.

She set the table, carefully choosing the perfect placemats and napkins.  She even made place cards with each person’s name and an image representing something they’re good at. She planned the process of tossing the salad, plating the food and serving water, with at least 4 revisions. We didn’t rush through it to “get to the next thing”. Lauren couldn’t wait until her Mom, Dad and Brother got to our house. She was beyond excited! She was filled with joy. We laughed a lot yesterday. We hugged a lot yesterday. We talked about all kinds of things that fill an eight-year-old girls’ mind yesterday. We connected yesterday. There was God in that lasagna. That filled me with joy and our home was full of peace.


©2015 peace full home™/intentional living


2 thoughts on “God, Lasagna and Peace

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  2. I can totally appreciate that there was God in that lasagna. What a beautiful, rich moment. I miss you (and know for a fact that your lasagna is amazing!)


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