The Checklist From Z to A

I was thinking about things we could do that would positively impact our lives, and the lives of those around us.

I often find myself getting caught up in things that aren’t really important…things that take me away from the “who I REALLY want to be”. I know how precious and limited our time is- in this life- in our humanness- with our challenges and struggles to be our best selves. That’s what led me to “The Checklist”.  There’s nothing earth shattering here (and I KNOW that I haven’t covered everything), but small meaningful gestures snowball together and matter, a LOT.

If we work on just one each week it might be more manageable (that’s why I chose 52), and instead of moving from A to Z, why not go the other way? Let’s shake things up and go from Z to A! Chances are good that none of these ideas are things you’re hearing for the first time. I get that, but if we’re all in this together, we CAN make a difference.

Last week when I pushed out the post asking folks to reach out to five people and let them know they matter, I received a message on Facebook from a high school friend. Jack wrote, “Thanks Kay!! I have been thinking about this idea for the past couple of days. Your timing is perfect!!”. I’m always touched when I hear something like that. I don’t believe that the timing is at all a coincidence!  There are a lot of people like Jack Kristofik who are on the same page….let’s change the world one little behavior at a time. Let’s make a difference.

This is my checklist of 52 ways (some small, some more meaningful, all important) that we can create change:

1.  Zone in on what those you love are REALLY saying (often not the same as what you’re hearing)
2.  Yearn for truth and love and joy, not for the latest material thing
3.  Xenodochy is being kind and hospitable, especially to those who feel like they’re on the outside; let’s practice that
4.  Write a note to someone just to let her know how important she is to you
5.  Vote- in every election; this is a right SO many have fought for
6.  Volunteer when you have some extra time
7.  Use your mind; you’ve heard the expression “it’s a terrible thing to waste”
8.  Unclutter your home
9.  Think for yourself; you do have opinions and they DO matter
10. Thank God during the day for the big things AND the little things
11. Talk less, listen more- that includes listening to your INNER voice
12. Take one day at a time
13. Spend time with the children in your life; this time is precious and can NEVER be replayed
14. Slow down; think about WHERE you’re running to
15. Simplify your life
16. Say “no” to (outside of work) requests that you really don’t have the time or energy to do
17. Risk being transparent (but NEVER invisible)
18. Remind yourself that you’re not in charge of the universe
19. Remember that less is more
20. Quit feeling sorry for yourself
21. Pray (for peace, for those you love, for yourself)
22. Practice saying “thank you”
23. Opt for time with a friend over time with a TV
24. Never underestimate the power of what you say (once it’s out there, you can’t take it back)
25. Memorize a sentence with five of your best attributes; pull it out as often as necessary
26. Live within your budget
27. Learn to forgive (which is not the same as forgetting)
28. Laugh often (and out loud whenever possible)
29. Know the difference between real concerns and simple worries
30. Jot down anything nice that pops into your mind about a person you know; tell him or her
31. Invest in yourself
32. Have positive people as friends
33. Get up 10 minutes earlier so you don’t start the day in a rush
34. Get organized so everything has a place
35. Get in touch with your inner child
36. Figure out what you TRULY treasure
37. Every night before you go to sleep think of three things that you’re grateful for
38. Enjoy the little things in life (which really ARE the big things)- a smile, the sunshine, a song
39. Don’t take yourself too seriously
40. Don’t automatically assume you know what’s going on in another person’s life
41. Don’t allow someone to make you believe you’re NOT enough (smart enough, attractive enough, good enough)
42. Don’t hit the “snooze button”; seize the day (and the moment)
43. Do things because you think they’re right, not because you think you have to
44. Determine the path you want the rest of your life to take; pursue THAT road
45. Decide how YOU want to define yourself; don’t give that power to someone else
46. CHOOSE to look at things differently
47. Carry something inspirational to read while your stuck in line
48. Be kind (even to unkind people)
49. Be aware of the simple things that make you smile; add more of THOSE to your life
50. Appreciate every gift that you have and every person who blesses your world
51. Apologize when you need to
52. ALWAYS believe in yourself

Little things DO make a BIG difference. YOU make a big difference.

My prayer for you, this week, is that you realize the beauty of you, the importance of you and the life-changing power of you,

©2015 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living

Moving from "Z to A" is a lot like making a spiral. Sometimes we jump from one letter to another easily. Other times we have to go back for a "do-over". Just like life, the best path is one taking one step at a time, enjoying the journey.  ©2015

Moving from “Z to A” is a lot like making a spiral. Sometimes we jump from one letter to another easily. Other times we have to go back for a “do-over”. The path winds and curves. The key is to never lose who we are while we make the journey.   ©2015



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