A Happy New Year

“Happy New Year”….those words hold so much hope for a fresh start, a change, and an opportunity to try something new, don’t they?

I imagine that a lot of “new year’s resolutions” have been made (and possibly already broken). I also know that at the stroke of midnight, for many, there was a profound sense of hopefulness. Being full of hope is a wonderful thing! It’s like you’re stepping into a new, warm coat, buffeted from the cold winds, able to face the world. You embrace this new beginning and jump boldly into the year.

Sadly, many of us don’t hang onto that hopefulness too long. Life happens. Dreams get squashed. We get tired. People let us down (heck, we let ourselves down). Disappointment takes hold and anger, apathy and angst win another round.

We have these great intentions but it doesn’t take too long for us to allow the “reality train” to run them over.

We forget that we do have the ability to create change. We get tripped up though because those changes may not match what’s on “The Big Wish List”: more money (or less if people are loving you because of that), better health, more significant relationships, a fabulous career, a perfect family (not too sure about that one since we’re not perfect).

We are capable of making changes (some small, others more meaningful) that help us Grow, Evolve, and Transform so that we live in a way that resonates with what’s at our core: Truth, Honor, Enlightenment, Respect and Empathy.

We can
G.E.T.   T.H.E.R.E.
Grow, Evolve, & Transform
to move to a place of
Truth, Honor, Enlightenment, Respect & Empathy

The last post of 2013 was “Building Blocks For A Peaceful Home”. I asked, “What if we take it one block at a time?”  “What if we create a space, in 2014,  that has a dozen peaceful qualities, by working on being”:

P   patient- with the people we love, with our limitations and especially with ourselves

E   encouraging- giving confidence to others

A   accepting- allowing people to really be “who they are”

C   calm- creating a serene, uncluttered, tranquil space

E   embracing- gladly accepting our differences

F   faithful- to God, to our family, to our dreams

U   understanding- compassionate and sympathetic

L   loving- even (and especially) when it’s tough to be there

H   healing- restoring soundness and safety to relationships

O   open-minded- receptive to change, other views and other opinions

M   meditative- contemplative, restful, and restorative

E    enthusiastic- greeting each person and day with joy

This year I’d like to offer another 12 ways for us to work toward a
H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R.
For some, these will all be easy. For many of us, it’ll require slowing down long enough to be aware of how we walk through life; noticing if we’re bringing light to another or extinguishing their flame.

I live in an area where it’s much windier than “down in The Valley”. Last night the wind was crazy. The trees were “dancing in the moonlight” (as the band King Harvest sang in the ’70s) and the gusts were actually making the house creak. I looked out the front window and there, in all it’s beauty, was a little evergreen dressed in dazzling white lights dancing to the beat of the wind. It was beautiful. Nature inspires and awes me. I want to be like that tree—able to go with the flow, dance to the beat of life and bring light into a sometimes dark world. In 2015 would we all try to be:

Hopeful- about the possibilities for the future

Appreciative- of all the blessings we DO have (let’s list them)

Prayerful- talking to God, asking for help throughout the day, everyday, not just when we’re in crisis mode

Present- in the moment, instead of living in the past or living for the future

Young-at-heart- looking at the world with a hopeful perspective

Nice- let’s be nice…SO underrated and so simple

Earnest- purposeful and sincere in our endeavors

Willing- to learn and grow and share

Yearning- for truth, for light, for understanding

Empowering- others in a way that honors themdaptable- able to evolve and grow as life changes

R responsible- for being the best person we can be each day

My hope for you, for 2015, is that you believe in the beauty and wonder of who you are and that you find joy and love wherever you are. 

Wishing you blessings and peace,

©2015 Peace Full Home



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