Changing The Channel

Today, December 29th, 2014 is my daughter Sara’s 38th birthday. Like many of you reading this, my children and grandchildren are such blessings in my life. Sometimes, when I look back at the past 38 years, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was coming home from the hospital with Sara in my arms. Other times, when I relive those years, I slowly replay the rich tapestry of experiences that have occurred over more than three and a half decades. Celebrating milestones often makes me “look back” and today is no exception.

At bedtime, when my daughters were little, in addition to the much-loved songs and bedtime stories, I’d have them blink their eyes and flip through “channels” until they found a “show” they wanted to fall asleep to. Sometimes that would be Sesame Street or Mister Rodgers. Other times the “show” had a Cabbage Patch Doll or Disney Princess or even Strawberry Shortcake as the star. Each time, though, the choice was something they wanted to fall asleep thinking about.

There’s a sense of empowerment when you exercise your right to choose.

Sadly, too many of us go to sleep each night with everything EXCEPT “happy stories” filling our minds. We rehash what happened (or didn’t happen) that day. We think about what we didn’t cross off the “to do” list. We mull over solutions to a dilemma. We worry about everything. Then we’re surprised when we wake up exhausted, but we jump back onto the “treadmill of life”, doing the same things over and over, making the same poor choices again and again, and feeling a whole lot less than joyful and peaceful.

We forget that we have the power to “change the channels” in our lives.

When we get STUCK we think “this is my reality”, “this is how my life is going to play out”, “this is what my story is going to be”. We don’t consider changing the channel. Maybe that’s because we have no idea where to start. Maybe that’s because we’re afraid to try something new. Maybe that’s because we never had anyone say, “you can be whomever you want and live the life YOU choose to create”.

Changing the channel in life isn’t like waving a magic wand (don’t we all wish we had one of those?).

Maybe your health isn’t what you wish it would be. I know many people, shining examples of grace in extraordinary circumstances, who create lives that are meaningful and important (and inspire people like me) in spite of their physical limitations.

Maybe you’re struggling financially. Is there anyone who can help you? Is there ANYTHING you can do to create a more secure financial future? Are there ANY changes that would give you some breathing room?

Maybe you’ve not been blessed with the gift of love or true friendship. Please don’t give up. The fact that other relationships didn’t work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again.  You ARE valuable; you DO matter.

Sometimes, we get fed up or frustrated or tired and we do some “channel surfing”. We see options that seem interesting, but then it feels like it’s too much work, or we don’t want to move from what we already know so we go back to the “same old thing”; the “familiar thing”.

I’m certainly not saying that change is always easy, nor am I advocating simply walking away from everything and starting anew (although some folks have done that with great success).

Sometimes we just have to “put one foot in front of the other” and invite change. One step in that process is not blaming other people for OUR challenges. Sure, there are a lot of less-than-awesome people out there. Certainly, most of us have run into AT LEAST one of them, but WE need to take responsibility for the way our lives play out. Don’t ever give someone else that power!

How about changing the channel and looking inward for happiness instead of looking to others for happiness? Ultimately, someone else can’t MAKE you happy. You must first find happiness inside of YOU.

What if you change the channel of accountability and decide to take responsibility for your own life? What if you change the channel from the past to the future?  We all know we can’t undo what’s been done. You can’t change the past; you can only choose to create a different future.

What if you started with “channel changing” in your home? 

What if instead of focusing on what you’re most afraid of, you focus on what you’re most hopeful of, and instead of replaying what you’re worried about, you envision what you have to look forward to? What if you choose to believe in the power of positive thinking?

Imagine YOUR most wonderful, most amazing, most joyful life. Tune into THAT station.  Change the channel.

Talk to you next year,

©2014 Peace Full Home™




6 thoughts on “Changing The Channel

  1. Wow, I wish my mom would have done that with me! What a wonderful way to fall asleep!

    What a great post to end the year, it gives us pause to think about all the different channels in life and where the new year can potentially take us. Thanks for your insight. Happy New Year! Continued blessings be yours.


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