Connecting The Dots

A few weekends ago, Larry and I went to breakfast with our daughter, Sara and our grandchildren Lauren & Ethan. At breakfast, Ethan, Sara and Larry played “connect the dots”.

“Dots and Boxes” has been around since the late 1800s and was created by a guy named Edouard Lucas. Players add a horizontal or vertical line each time it’s their turn. When a box is completed, you put your initial in it and get to go again. This particular game took place on the back of a paper placemat on which Sara made a series of dots.

Our lives are a lot like that paper placemat covered with dots. Sometimes, we make neat little moves, completing one square and then moving on to another. Other times we jump from a dot on the bottom left to a dot in the middle, drawing little lines, knowing (or hoping) that someday we may get back there and finish that box. Sometimes the paper gets a bit crumpled and we have to stop and straighten it out. Sometimes we forget where we put the sheet and lose sight of where we are.

In my life, there have been (and still are) so many “dots”. Some of them have created boxes that have been completed:
being a daughter while my parents were still on the earth plane
raising little girls to become wonderful women
building a successful career
buying and renovating a home
finding the right faith community (this one took me a while as I was jumping around the page)
earning a degree
creating my blogs

Some of the dots will always be ongoing for me and I don’t think that those boxes will ever be completed:
continuing to grow spiritually; to seek, to ask, to find
loving my adult daughters and being “there” (wherever their squares are)
being a good partner
growing in relationships with the people I love
being part of my grandchildren’s lives with love, support, acceptance and joy
making a difference, no matter how small

What do YOUR little dots represent?
Which squares have you completed successfully?
Which squares have you abandoned?
What “dots” have been replaced by newer, shinier dots?
Are you happy about those replacements?
What squares are you afraid to complete?
What squares are you willing to give up so that someone else might take their pencil and get to put their initial in that box?
How much jumping around are you doing on the page called life?
Are there just too darned many boxes to build?
Can you tear off the bottom part of the paper and concentrate on the dots on top?
What if, in opposition to the paper game, your goal isn’t to complete as many boxes as it is to make sure the boxes you DO complete are awesome and filled with love?

connecting the dots
making choices
building a life
one little square at a time



Connecting The Dots of Life ©2014

Connecting The Dots of Life ©2014



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