The Journey

“I am a journeyer.
I travel through this life, in the world in which I walk, looking and seeking and searching and learning.
I pick up things as I journey- a book, a photograph, a card and I put them in my backpack.
Sometimes I take those things out- mostly at night, mostly when I’m alone- and I look at them.
I smile, I laugh, I cry, I hurt, I am with everyone, I am alone.
Sometimes the backpack gets too heavy for the journey, so I replace things; get rid of the heavy stuff for something lighter- a very small shell found walking on the beach, a petal from a flower given in love.
As the journey continues I need no things because what I carry is now inside me…the memories, the tears of joy, the awakening of my spirit.” 


I believe we’re all journeyers. Sadly, we get so caught up in who we’ve labeled ourselves as, what we believe that we need to achieve or accomplish, and in the acquisition of the stuff that we want, that we don’t see the journey. We see only this day, where the car broke down, or we had an argument with someone we live with, or we’re not feeling well, or we hate what we do for a living, or someone we love is in trouble, or we’re exhausted from parenting and working, or we feel alone or sad or unloved. Maybe, if we’re more far-sighted we see this month or this year. Probably, though, we don’t see this LIFE. Who can blame us? We’re so bombarded with things to do, things to buy, and things that demand out attention,  that we don’t slow down long enough to be in the journey. It’s like we’re watching it instead of living it.

A few weeks ago, I had some alone time with my granddaughter Lauren. We were sitting on a bed talking about celebrations and it turned into a very silly conversation where we were both just laughing and laughing. Wow….what a gift; what a marker in the journey. For me it’s important to be aware of the journey more. It’s important to cherish the moments with the people I love. It’s important to spend more time loving and sharing and listening, than it is to be rushing and buying and doing.

I recently read a book written for young adults. It’s a story about cancer and loss and love. In it, one of the characters asks his friends to tell him what they’ll say at his funeral. Of course, I cried through the end of the book, but it made me think about journeying and eulogies and what I’d want said about me when I move to the spirit side. So often, when you read obituaries, the listings include the person’s age, family members and where they worked and lived. What about who they were (and still are) and how they lived? Where’s the information about who they loved, and what made them smile, or laugh, or cry tears of joy?  What about what they aspired to do/be and how they touched others’ lives?

When I leave this life it’s not going to matter where I worked or what positions I held, unless I made an impact on someone; helped change a life; made a difference, if even in a small way.  It’s not going to matter where I lived unless I took care of my little space on this earth, and reached out to people in my community. It’s not going to matter what organizations I belonged to, unless by being part of them, I added value. It’s not going to matter how old I was unless I used the years I had to honor the spirit not only in others but also inside myself. And, it won’t matter who I lived with, unless I aspired to be an agent of change, speaking with love, acting with care and concern, and striving always to live in a Peace Filled Home.

Think about your journey; the path you want to walk; the ways you want to be remembered; the stamp you want to leave on this world. Enjoy the journey,  pray through the journey, sing through the journey, laugh through the journey, love through the journey and, most importantly, honor the journey.



This backpack has been on a lot of journeys with me, and it'll accompany me on many more. ©2014

This backpack has been on a lot of journeys with me, and it’ll accompany me on many more. ©2014 PEACE FULL HOME.COM




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