The Peace Full Home Tour

Creating a home you love requires taking the time to design a personal oasis where, as soon as you walk through the door, your shoulders relax, and you feel calm.

This exercise is done one room at a time. In a notebook—something you’ll enjoy writing in)—label two pages for each room in your home. First, walk through each room, making a list of what you like and don’t like, from a purely personal perspective. Make notes about what’s peaceful and comfortable and what’s chaotic and overwhelming. It could be as simple as “I love this room’s color” or “the sofa is awful,” to something more profound like, “I always go here to unwind” or “There’s nothing in the room that I like.”

The next day, do another walk-through, viewing each room as if you were a potential buyer. Write those comments on the second page. These might include, “what a lovely view into the back yard,” “wow, this person must really like roosters,” or “this space needs airing out.” Do your best to be objective. By analyzing each room this way, you’re creating a handbook to use to facilitate the changes. There may be some rooms, where there isn’t anything that you like, but there are likely rooms with minimal changes, that you could accomplish easily!

Questions To Ask Yourself By Room:

Family/Living Room

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Are there books or magazines that you’d like to read?
  • Is the lighting adequate for reading?
  • Is there a place to put your feet up and relax?
  • If you watch TV in that room, can you do that without being uncomfortable?

Dining Room

  • Has the room become a landing zone for things that don’t belong there?
  • Are there breakfronts or sideboards filled with items you never use?
  • Do you use your table for dining?
  • If not, how can you remedy that? Sitting down at a table set for meals (alone or with others) is an essential respite from your day, so make this space as beautiful as possible.

Home Office/Workstation

  • Are the necessary supplies in close reach?
  • Is it organized and efficient? Files that are orderly and current (as opposed to sifting through a cabinet or pile of obsolete paperwork) helps eliminate chaos.
  • Can you use this space to do things like open mail, update your calendar, or send notes to friends? Pretty notepaper, cards, and stamps, beautifully organized make sitting down and writing to a loved one so much easier.


  • Is there adequate, and, ideally dimmable, lighting?
  • Do you have privacy?
  • Is the room serene?

You probably spend a fair amount of time beginning and ending your day in this space, so organization and calm are critical. Use plush towels (you don’t need an entire closet full of them), products that have a scent you like; peppermint, lavender, lemon, and lime all have soothing qualities. Place a small plant in a place where you can see it. And, if the bathroom is the only place you ever have any time alone, it’s even more critical to pay attention to the details.

Fostering peacefulness into your life, by paying attention to all the rooms in your house, creates a home that feeds your spirit. And, when you raise your experience of living, you open doors that make other areas of your life more meaningful. Allow your creative spirit to soar by living in a space that reflects who you are. It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money, but it does require the awareness that you’re worth that.

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©peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2020.

This is a picture I shot while I was on a mission trip in Honduras. This gentleman's home was much more "elaborate' than many of the simple spaces the residents of LaEntrada call "home". We live in such wealth compared to most. Let's honor that and make our homes places that nourish our minds, bodies and spirits. 2014 PEACE FULL HOME.COM

This is a picture I shot while on a mission trip to Honduras. This gentleman’s home was much more “elaborate” than many of the simple spaces the residents of LaEntrada call “home”. We live with such abundance compared to most of the world. Let’s honor that and make our homes places that nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits.



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