Building Blocks of a Peaceful Home

I’m convinced “peaceful” doesn’t just happen, not with people or relationships or careers and definitely not with homes.

I know people who always seem frantic and stressed—I’ve been there more often than I like to admit—and I know people who seem to actually “float” through their lives buoyed by an endless stream of good luck (hmmmm….maybe it’s them, right?). I see relationships that, at least from my perspective, seem so tumultuous that I wonder how those folks get through the day, and I see people who genuinely seem to be “in the right place” with those they love. I know of so many people who would leave their jobs without any hesitation if they could swing it financially, and I know the blessed few who genuinely love what they do each day. I also know too many people who live in homes that are so far from peaceful.

How do we create “peaceful?” How do we take the necessary steps to move from frantic, stressful, scary, demoralizing, lonely, or exhausting to a home that’s filled with peace?

One of the things we brought from Larry’s house was a set of old, children’s blocks. I looked through the basket to see if I could find blocks to spell P E A C E F U L H O M E. I did. There were some green, brown and orange letters on the blocks, but weirdly (or not), all of the letters I needed were red, yellow, or blue—primary colors (the “building blocks”) from which all other colors come. If you follow my design blog or have been in one of my classes, you know how much I love talking about color, and the power it has as a foundation in how your home “feels.” The irony of the primary color blocks was not lost on me!

What if you create a space that has a dozen peaceful qualities?

Patient—with the people we love, with our limitations and especially with ourselves
Encouraging—giving confidence to others
Accepting—allowing people to really be “who they are”
Calm—creating a serene, uncluttered, tranquil space
Embracing—gladly accepting our differences
Faithful—to God, to our family, to our dreams
Understanding—compassionate and sympathetic
Loving—even (and especially) when it’s tough to be there
Healing—restoring soundness and safety to relationships
Open-minded—receptive to change, other views and other opinions
Meditative—contemplative, restful, and restorative
 Enthusiastic—greeting each person and day with joy

You can build a home filled with peace if you take it “one block at a time.”


Just like a child building a house, we need to start one block at a time. ©KAY MCLANE DESIGN, LLC

Just like a child building a house, we need to start one block at a time.


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